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    Transducer Two

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      SKU: TD102
      Transducer Two


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      Transducer Two delivers a high-quality sound that will send musical vibrations down your spine! This multi-environment speaker features 30-watt total power and converts any solid surface into a large audio speaker. This speaker offers:


      50 Watts Rated at 50W max power output (25W RMS), these transducer speakers deliver a full-range output.

      Multi-Environment Protection Install anywhere with fully waterproof, UV, and salt/fog resistant protection, enabling reliable performance in the toughest environmental conditions.

      Compact Ideal for applications where space is limited or when using traditional speakers would compromise the design aesthetics of your installation.

      How it Works: Turn any surface into a giant speaker! Attach the Transducer Two speaker to any flat surface (e.g., fiberglass, wood, or glass) using the mounting provided. Then, connect the speaker to your stereo via speaker wires. When the audio signal outputs from your stereo to the transducer speaker, the flat surface will be vibrated or ‘"excited’" by the transducer, and the flat surface itself is converted into the speaker.

      Two Year Warranty You're covered with a two-year warranty when purchased via an authorized Aquatic AV reseller and an extended warranty with product registration.



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