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    RF6 Remote Control Kit

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      SKU: RF610
      RF6 Remote Control Kit


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      When the stereo's not in reach, count on a wireless RF6 Remote Control Kit to get the right song on the radio, when you need it. This all-in-one kit features:


      Waterproof This IP66 waterproof rated remote will withstand harsh conditions while never interrupting your ability to adjust the music that makes your moments.


      Radio Frequency This remote uses 2-way, Radio Frequency (RF) technology communication, providing a range of over 40ft, and does not require line-of-sight control (like in infra-red technology).

      USB Charging A USB charging cable (included) recharges the lithium polymer battery by connecting to your Aquatic AV stereo, or other devices with USB connection points (such as a computer or laptop).


      LDC Display Viewing song, track, and other system information on the back-lit LCD screen.

      Floats Drop the remote in the water?  No problem!  This remote will float on the waves until you're ready to pick it up.


      RF Receiver Included for when your stereo does not include a built-in receiver.


      Two Year Warranty You're covered with a two-year warranty when purchased via an authorized Aquatic AV reseller and an extended warranty with product registration.


      Note: The RF Receiver is required when using a stereo that does not include a built-in receiver. If you're uncertain if your stereo includes an integrated receiver, reach out to your local dealer or contact [email protected].

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