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    Founded in 2005, Aquatic AV began its business by developing specialized audio + video products for the Spa industry, which at the time not only had water intrusion problems, but problems with heat, excessive evaporation, and issues with various harsh chemicals used to keep the water clean. Waterproof audio products became a high demand.

    Working with our talented design team, we quickly developed products and materials that would survive under these harsh conditions. Instead of using normal car stereo chassis equipment to start, Aquatic AV products are built using stainless steel and other specially coated metals. Aquatic AV quickly became the benchmark in the industry and soon the majority of major Spa manufacturers were using our products for their AV equipment.

    Products For All Environments

    Following our success in the Spa industry, we soon realized there was a need for these powerful and reliable products in other industries. Boat builders and boat owners were completely dissatisfied with the so called “marine” products available to them and wanted more options in the market. When Aquatic AV introduced some of the first “real” solutions for marine, our marine products took off! Our waterproof audio products were highly rated. We have also expanded into aftermarket Harley Davidson motorcycles and powersports. Our MP-5 Series radios are popular in both the marine and motorcycle industries, with our Harley Davidson radios the #1 selling aftermarket radio.